A Psychic Empath that Reads:
Tarot cards, Stars, Numbers,
Hands, Faces, Names
& Every Thing else too.
Also teaches Psychic sciences
including Meditation

Guidance in

Love and Relationships

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Guidance in how to get better test scores in School, Career,

and whatever else may concern You.


for Future Goals and Desires,

Love & Relationships

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Spiritual and material guidance in any and all,

Life or Death


 Dr. MichaEL Shane is a highly qualified, highly respected professional Psychic Consultant and Spiritual Advisor,

Teacher and Entertainer

 that gives You highly accurate Psychic Readings through a range of mediums. He is a wonderful Counsellor

in Life or Death situations.

 He gives You complete Tarot card readings

 (using the Astrological layout),

 Your ancient Persian (Hindu) Astrology (constellations) Biblical style,

 ancient Chaldean Numerology (Biblical style).

 ancient Chinese Astrological hours and years,

 Hand readings (both sides) and etc.

 He is a professional consultant that uses his intuition

along with his vast knowledge and experiences

 to give You a highly detailed and highly accurate reading

 (and guidance) that covers the aspects of your life, where you and he, feel you need the most guidance.

Encouraging You to move in positive directions and to face the challenges that may lie ahead of You.

A Love and relationship expert like none other, as he also uses both his own experiences, and all that he has studied as well.

He shocks and awes everyone at Your events and parties,

as he Entertains (including Weddings).

I am the perfect birthday party entertainer because i tell everyone there the types of personality and talents that their birth day, month, hour, year and name gives them.

No one else can do that.

But me.

As a teacher of the Psychic Sciences including Meditation,

the Spiritual and material sides of existence, Life and Death, Karma, reincarnation, telepathic messaging,

Physics and Metaphysics and etc.

He has the innate ability to explain very complicated subjects in everyday language. For easy comprehension, remembering

and useablility.

​Upon waking the next day:

You will readily see why he has the reputation of being,


He entertains at all kinds of events and parties.

Appearing in any number of charactor costumes.

fitting right into all kinds of themes.

Primarily Available in the Tampa Bay Florida area.

(But available world wide via readings over the phone)

Appointments only, (NO WALK INS)

Tampa's best

Psychic Reader, Entertainer and Teacher

Dr. MichaEL Shane

located at:

215 W. Grand Central Ave.

Suite 1102

Tampa Fl. 33606

Near downtown Tampa

Phone: (813) - 443 - 0222

(APPOINTMENTS  ONLY, no walk ins)

Open 365.25 days a year

11 am -> 6 pm


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Gives private Psychic readings over the phone payable in advance via

"Pay Pal", or Debit/Credit cards.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


private Psychic readings

and or Psychic (Spiritual) Lessons,

in person, at my office:

( i accept Cash, Credit/Debit Cards).

Or i can give readings and or lessons at YOUR place.

i do entertain You and Your guests

at Your place.

To make a personal appointment,

or to book me to entertain or teach

at Your event,

(Birth Day Party, Wedding, Class or Etc.).

For a Phone Reading,




45  minutes  for ONLY  $35.

SAVE  $60.00


Normally  $95.  per  45  minutes

or For Psychic Lessons,

(yes i do teach how to do what i do).

For readings and or lessons in my office

i charge only:

$35. per 15 minutes

$65. per 1/2 hour

$95. per 45 minutes

$125. per hour

YOUR  CHOICE,  YOU  CHOOSE!Call Me Now: For An Appointment,
a reading, or more information



Email Me At: doctor@charlesrichardeminizer.com

My Entertaining at Your Party's prices are $120.oo An Hour

2 Hour Minimum

(2 hours for $240.)

Face-to-face readings ensure the most results. Please contact us for any personal queries


Watch me give these 2 pre-teens a Birth day, month and year reading(click on the next link or copy & paste it into Your search engine:



Watch me being interviewed by a news reporter at the Tampa Tribune by clicking on the link below"

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